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01. Main

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Our team believes engineering is an art form. You can’t just match up a bunch of keywords and expect to make a match. It takes intelligence, industry and business savvy, understanding of technology, desings and peopleware, intuition, and other skills to deliver the unique project. We look forward to working with you! If you do, do not hasitate to contact us.


02. Team


We are a team of smart, caring and dedicated professionals. We will carefully listen to your needs and goals to help deliver a project that meets your specifications. You will be working closely with a dedicated team member every step of the way.


03. Portfolio


DA-14 understands that the application is not just a project for you, it is a means of business. This is the reason we are developing high level applications the way it would be easy to maintain them in the future. We prepare and offer the best solutions for each problem. We take responsibility for the quality. We are pleased to help you with any question when you come back with new questions and challenges.


04. Blog


Share the important moments of our lives with us We encourage you to read, listen and watch the media from the company days, holidays and technical events.


05. Career


We are passionate about what we do, and we do our best so that the application created by our team for partners(customers), become popular and be used by millions of users worldwide! If you want to join our team of professionals, find out more about the vacancies we offer on this page to join DA-14 team.


06. Why Us?

Why Us?

DA-14 is a different kind of IT agency. We know, we know. Everyone says they are different. But, DA-14 is truly different. Why? Unparalleled Service, Insight, and Intelligence. We take all of the common complaints from customers and employees alike regarding working with IT agencies and simply do better.


07. Services


We offer:

  • – Requiremenents definition. Often, having more data can help us amazingly
  • – Full-cycle build of the SaaS Web applications on the widely known technology stack LAMP
  • – Delivering the mobile applications based on different technologies and tools
  • – Consulting services
  • – More..

DA-14 uses different types of cooperation models such as:

  • – Dedicated team
  • – Fixed-price
  • – Time and Material
  • – Consulting


08. Contacts


You can always reach a member of DA-14 team using the one of the methods on this page.
cell: +38-095-1874350